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MarinusMax is a great professional and knows very well the whole WordPress and WooCommerce environment. Besides being a great professional, he is a person with whom it is easy to understand, since he puts all his effort into understanding the needs of the client. Read in: Español + INFO

Testimonio - Té para Tres Té para TresWe’ve had an excellent work experience with Max. From the beginning he had a great predisposition with us, even though we were still in Argentina with the difficulties that this brings. He was always willing to make the changes we require, in addition to advising at all times. We are very satisfied with the website […] + INFO

Coaching to BeI was very satisfied with the work Max did on my website. From the beginning he offered me options, helped me to decide what was most appropriate and made everything very easy. He was available for all the changes that I was asking him as we went through the process so that the website ended […] + INFO

Runner Bean ToursWe needed to update our website and we contacted Max and his team. We are more than satisfied with the result both from the aesthetic point of view and functionality. Thank you very much for the fantastic job. Read in: Español + INFO

Fiscalidad para DummiesMy business is an online tax consultancy and I wanted to implement a virtual office with multiple functionalities and a private area for clients. When I contacted Max I had in my head the idea of what I wanted to do, but I did not know how to put it into practice. He is a […] + INFO

Visión 24 horasI have been impressed by his professionalism and meticulousness when facing problems, being able to express with total honesty his opinion and recommendation, solidly based on understandable arguments. Without a doubt, Max is a great professional, methodical, aware of the details and with a lot of experience. Read in: Español + INFO

Original TasteHaving an online store requires constant adaptation and there are always questions about changes to apply. I have worked with Max since the beginning, he was the one who created the store of 0 and to whom I turn when I have any questions or doubts. Always willing to find the simplest and easiest solution […] + INFO